Set up a catalog in TikTok

Learn how to connect your feed with Tik Tok in 7 steps

In this article, we will explore the process of setting up a catalog in TikTok Commerce Manager while leveraging the capabilities of the Adsmurai Marketing Platform. 


1. Access TikTok Ads Manager and on the upper menu select Assets > Catalogs.



2. Create a new catalog by clicking on Create.


3. Name your catalog, set its industry, currency and location and click on Create.



4. Select your New Catalog. Go to  Manage > Products  and click on Add Products.



5. Select the Data Feed Schedule option.



6. Name your feed and paste the url of the optimized feed in AMP.



*To Copy the Adsmurai Optimized Feed URL,

click on the three dots menu and then on Copy URL.


7. Set up the upload schedule according to your original catalog updates.

Select the following Update Method: Select Replace your data feed. This will delete existing items which are not in your new data feed.



8. Finally, click on Import. Your Tiktok catalog is all set up!