Create a catalog for Pinterest

Learn how to connect your feed with Pinterest

In this article, we will explore the process of setting up a catalog in Pinterest while leveraging the capabilities of the Adsmurai Marketing Platform. 

  1. Access Pinterest Ads Manager and on the upper menu select Ads > Catalog.

  2. Click on Add data source.

  3. Fill in the details for your data source URL below New data source. 
    1. Enter the name of your data source below Name.
    2. Enter your data source URL below Feed URL. Grab it directly from AMP through the copy URL button, within the catalog's three dots menu:
    3. Click the directional chevron down icon below File format to select the file format, and select CSV.
    4. Click the directional chevron down icon below Default availability to select the default availability setting for your product.
    5. Leave the username and password details empty. 
    6. Click the directional chevron down icon below Country/region to select the country or region that your products are sent from. You will not be able to update this later.
    7. Select the Language of the content in your data source. You will not be able to update this later. 
    8. Select the Default currency to set the currency of your products.
    9. Set the Time and Timezone to select the time you’d like your feed ingested. This is optional.

  4. Click Create Pins.