Google product category automated setting (Google Category Mapping)

Why GPC is so important and how we can help you automate it

What is Google Product Category?

Google Product Category is a very useful product attribute that allows platforms like Google to show the right products to the right person by telling them which category they belong to. Implementing this attribute in the products of our catalog ensures a better performance of it, by having more detailed and relevant information.

The available options for this field are listed in the so-called Google Product Taxonomy.

What does it allow me to do?

  • Improve campaign performance
  • Segment products by category to be able to carry out campaigns focused on a type of product.
  • Several platforms, like Meta or Google, use this field for product categorization.

Google's automatic product category selection

Implementing this field manually can be tedious for a brand with many products. That is why Adsmurai offers a solution based on artificial intelligence that predicts the field based on product information. Enabling it will automatically populate the google_product_category field in your catalog.

In addition, if Google changes its categories, the products will be updated automatically and you won´t have to be following every change that Google will do: AMP will do ir for you.

This functionality is fully functional if you are dedicated to fashion and clothing sales. For other verticals, check availability.

How do I activate it?

Request it here and we will take care of the rest.


¿Do you still have doubts?

Check out the following video guide on how to activate the google product category in feeds: