How can I update the name of my campaign?

Learn how to update the naming of your campaign's in Planning

Have you made adjustments to your campaign names and noticed that these changes aren't reflecting in the Planning section? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these steps to update campaign names effectively.

For Meta and Google Campaigns

  1. Locate the Campaign: Find the campaign you wish to update within the Planning interface.

  2. Click the Icon: Once you've identified the campaign, click on the appropriate icon associated with that campaign.

  3. Choose "Update": From the options presented, select "Update."

This action will swiftly modify the name of your campaign, ensuring that the changes are applied instantly.

For Other Platforms

If you're dealing with campaigns from platforms other than Meta (Facebook) and Google, here's how to proceed:

  1. Get in Touch with Customer Success through our Help Center.

  2. Provide Details: When contacting us, make sure to specify the ID of the campaigns for which you've altered the names. Additionally, include the ID of the corresponding ad account.