Available metrics in AMP

Learn the metrics available for your reports

Paid media advertising campaigns are an essential tool for digital marketing. Analyzing them correctly is essential to measure your success and make adjustments to improve results. There are several metrics available to evaluate the performance of an advertising campaign, and it is important to understand them in order to use them properly.

To facilitate the understanding of the different metrics, within Planning you will find a standardization of these metrics that allow you to compare and analyze the results of different platforms and campaigns.

This standardization of metrics allows grouping results from different platforms, since each of these names each metric differently.

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FB: Facebook, TW: Twitter, YT: Youtube, GG: Google Ads, TK: TikTok, SP: Snapchat, LK: Linkedin, VK: Vkontakte, CT: Criteo, DV: DV360


Google Analytics metrics

You can compare the platform metrics with the ones you collect in Google Analytics by integrating this tool in AMP.