Tips to easily go through Feeds

Recommendations to familiarize yourself with the tool and make your life easier

Do you know Feeds has filters that are gonna make your life much easier? 

No matter where you are (Data Import or Optimized Feeds) you are going to find next to the button to create a new field these icons:  


Let's discover how to use them!  


This filter is handy when you have a lot of feeds and need to find a specific one. You only have to type the Feed's name, and that´s it! 



You are going to use a lot the filters:

  • Not processed/read
  • Processed/read with errors
  • 100% Successful
  • Connected to platforms
  • Not Connected to platforms
  • Active
  • Inactive


View as a grid

The view as a grid is for default, to find more options you will have to click on the three dots or view more:


View as a List

We suggest working with this view because it is a easier way to see all the options and elements that the tool has.