What are the required fields to create a catalog?

Learn the required fields for creating a catalog in AMP

In order to create a catalog in AMP, it is necessary to have the following product fields available in your catalog. Without these fields, you will not be able to create a catalog and connect it to the platforms.

Required fields:

  1. ID: This is a unique content ID for the item. If possible, use the item's SKU. Each content ID should only appear once in your catalog.
  2. Title: Provide a specific and relevant title for the item.
  3. Availability: Specify the current availability of the item using U.S. English. The supported values are "in stock" or "out of stock".
  4. Price: Enter the price of the item in the format of a number, followed by a space, and then the 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code (according to ISO 4217 standards). Always use a period (.) as the decimal point, not a comma (,). Do not include currency symbols such as $, €, or £.
  5. Link: Include the URL to the specific product page on your business's website where people can learn more about or purchase the exact item. The links must start with either http:// or https://, be valid, and be hosted on your business's website domain.
  6. Image Link: Provide the URL for the main image of the item.

By ensuring that these required fields are included in your catalog, you will be able to effectively create and connect it to the desired platforms.