What is Catalog Health?

Learn how to take advantge of this tool to take your Google's feeds to the next level

Catalog Health is a tool developed by Adsmurai to enhance the quality of product feeds shared with Google Merchant Center. It ensures that product data is accurate, complete, and optimized to meet Google’s guidelines, improving the overall performance and visibility of your products.

What types of errors does Catalog Health detect?

Catalog Health detects two main types of issues:


  • These are critical issues that could result in your products being rejected by Google Merchant Center.
  • The validation process considers Google's documentation and Adsmurai’s extensive experience.
  • It performs complex validations tailored to specific country requirements to ensure compliance with local regulations.


  • These are suggestions to enhance your product listings, improving their visibility and performance on Google's destinations.
  • Recommendations are based on best practices and optimization strategies, aimed at maximizing your products’ impact and reach.

How often does Catalog Health validate product data?

Catalog Health will validate a feed every time it has been processed.

Where can I find Catalog Health?

You can find Catalog Health in your Optimized Feed section:

Once clicking there, you’ll land in Catalog Health, where the validation of your latest processed feed can be found:

  • % of products with no Error
  • Which attributes have Errors and Warnings

Upon clicking on a attribute with Error or Warning, you can find what’s wrong with that attribute:

There we offer 2 options:

  • Details to see an example of a product with that issue.
  • Fix it, which would lead you to create a Transformation to fix the issue in your Optimized feed.