Advantage+ shopping campaigns

What is Advantage+ Shopping by Meta?

Have you tried creating a dynamic sales campaign in Meta lately? If the answer is yes, surely you have seen that now Facebook offers us two ways to create it: Advantage + Shopping Campaign or manually, as you can see below:

If you are wondering what the differences are between the two options, you are on the right page.

Essentially, by choosing the Advantage+ Shopping option, you give Meta more freedom to configure the campaigns in order to optimize the results to the maximum.

Taking Machine Learning to another level, Meta offers with these campaigns to improve costs per acquisition and increase purchases from the most qualitative users through the automation of segmentations, locations and content.

But does it really work? We can say that the experiments we have carried out have worked wonderfully. Learn about the advantages of this type of campaign in this article.

Advantages vs Catalog Sales

If you are a curious person, surely you have noticed that its campaign structure is much simpler and it takes less time to create it. For starters, instead of having 3 levels, Advantage+ Shopping campaigns only have two levels: campaign and ad.


At the campaign level, you will be able to:

  • Define the name of the campaign.
  • Select whether the conversion will occur on the website, app or both.
  • Select the pixel and/or SDK
  • Audience (what country or cities)
  • Budget
  • Define your custom audience of recurring customers to later be able to see a breakdown of their performance compared to the rest of the audience.
  • Start and end of the campaign
  • Attribution

At the ad level you can find the same ad setup, only here you will select the catalog you want to work with:

  • Another benefit is by automating the audiences (combining all the audiences you may have), it is expected to reduce the overlap of these.
  • Since we are talking about audiences, it will look for a much more qualified public.
  • Increase your purchases and reduce costs by results.
  • Meta will try various combinations to create the ad (adding Calls to Actions, buttons, showing more or less information and one or the other photos) to find the ad with the most chances of converting for each user.

Disadvantages vs Catalog Sales

All change brings resistance. One of the biggest changes is being able to make more visually organized decisions for Prospecting than Retargeting, like you would with a DPA (or DART) and a DBA (or DABA) campaign.

With Advantage+ Shopping, the idea is to decide less which audience to give which budget, and let the platform optimize based on the most qualitative audience it finds, be it retargeting or prospecting.

In addition, to be able to see the results of each audience, you will have to wait a few days, but you can do it by going to the audience breakdown > by delivery > public: