Configuring your Return Policies on Google Shopping and Free Listings

Learn how to set up return policies in Google Merchant Center and your feeds

Return policies are a critical factor for customers considering making a purchase in your store. That's why configuring your return policy in Google Merchant Center and feeds to display in your ads can help improve the performance of your products.

This official Google article explains the step-by-step process of ensuring that your policy is suitable and how to set up one or more return policies at the account level in Google Merchant Center.

It is essential that your website meets the necessary requirements outlined in the aforementioned article.

Once you have reviewed the article and ensured that your website meets the requirements, you can proceed to submit your return policy directly to Google through Google Merchant Center.

Adding Exceptional Policies to Your Feeds

After reading the article, you'll know that in addition to being able to set up a general return policy for your products, you can also create exceptional policies for certain products or sets of products.

To do this, you'll need to add the [return_policy_label] attribute to your product list and within that attribute, indicate the labels you have added in Google Merchant Center for those exceptional policies.

How to Create an Optimization Adding the [return_policy_label] Attribute to Your Product Lists?

To create the [return_policy_label] attribute in one of your feeds for Google Merchant Center, you'll need to use the "Compose" optimization in step 3 of creating an Optimized Feed:

Next, you'll need to choose whether you want to filter the products to which this new attribute applies using the "Filter" functionality. For this example, I want to add the attribute to all my products, so I won't apply any filters.

Then, you have to name the field using the name of the [return_policy_label] attribute and specify the values you want the products to contain under that attribute.

For example, let's say the "Premium" products on your website must be returned within 15 days instead of 30, like most of your products, and you've added an exceptional policy with the label "Premium" in your Google Merchant Center. The optimization would look like this:

Finally, save the changes with the button at the bottom right and manually update the Optimized Feed to see this new attribute applied in your feed.