Connecting your Feeds to Google Ads through Business Data

Follow this step-by-step guide in order to connect your Optimized Feeds to Google Ads

Google Ads enables non-retail businesses to create dynamic remarketing campaigns showcasing products or services that users previously viewed on their site, encouraging them to return and complete their previous actions. To achieve this, businesses need to upload and configure their catalog via Google Ads' Business Data section.

Explore the step-by-step guide below to learn how to accomplish this:

Please note that layouts are only allowed on Google Display campaigns.

  1. Access your Tools & Settings section in your Google Ads account, under this icon 🔧, and click on Business Data.
    Business Data
  2. Then you will access to the Data feeds section. Click the plus button , go to "Dynamic ad feed", and then select your business type among the options or create a custom one.
    Data Feeds_Google Ads-1
    Dynamic Ad Feed_Google Ads

  3. Name your Feed, paste your Optimized Feed's URL and click on Apply

    Custom_DynamicFeed_Google Ads (1)

  4. Now that your feed is created, you can finish the setup by clicking on your data feed name and accessing the Schedules section.
    DynamicFeed__Google Ads
    Schedule_Google Ads
  5. Finally, create a new schedule by inserting again your Optimized Feed's URL and selecting your preferred update frequency.
    Schedule2_Google Ads-1
  6. Your feed is all set up! Now is time to attach it to your Google Ads campaign. Access the Campaigns section and choose the specific campaign you want to link to.

  7. Once inside the campaign menu, navigate to Settings in the left-hand panel. Scroll down and click on Additional settings located at the bottom of the screen.

    additionalsettings_Google Ads (1)
  8. Click on the down arrow for dynamic ads and check the box for using a feed. Finally, select the feed you want to link and click on Save.

dynamic ads_feeds Google Ads