Data Import troubleshooting

Most common Data Import processing errors and how to solve them

If you have received a notification saying your Data Import hasn't been successfully updated you are in the right article. 

Find in this list below the error title and learn how to solve it.

  1. Not processed and Not updated
    1. Missing mandatory fields, such as title, description, id, link, price, or availability.
    2. Mandatory fields have an incorrect format. For example, the price does not use the appropriate currency symbol for decimals.
  2. Could not read from data source (not accessible)
    1. Verify that the catalog URL is public, that is, accessible over the internet from any device, via HTTPS or HTTP.
    2. Check the file extensions, they should be XML, CSV, or JSONL.
    3. Check that the 'Content-Type' response header has the correct extension according to the file format.
    4. For XML files, ensure it is a valid XML using a validator like
    5. For CSV files, verify that the first line (header) corresponds to the columns and is correctly ordered relative to the rows (records) in the file. Fields should be separated by a comma or, alternatively, by a semicolon.
  3. Source file is empty
    1. Verify that the catalog URL returns records (products) and is not empty.
  4. Processed with errors
    1. Check for erroneous products to verify if they contain the mandatory fields and have the specific format.
  5. Smaller than expected
    1. The new version of DataImport has 20% fewer products than the previous one. Verify that this is accurate and not due to products being accidentally deleted from the catalog.


If you are nurturing your Data Imports though an ecommerce connection, you might also want to review the following Not processed/Not updated error types:

  • 401: Invalid or expired credentials. Check if the credentials have been changed recently and Adsmurai has not been informed.
  • 403: We do not have permissions to access the catalogs. Check if the credentials have the corresponding permissions, or if all the necessary steps for access have been taken (e.g., installing the Adsmurai plugin on your platform).
  • 429: Too many requests are being made to the API or platform. Check if a too low request limit has been set.
  • 5xx:: Check if the API or platform is operational.