Edit your profile in AMP

Modify your personal information, your access, and notifications easily

Here we tell you how to modify your user setup within AMP quickly.

Personal information

To access the information of your user profile in AMP you must click on the drop-down menu located at the top right of AMP, and then on Settings.

Once inside, you can modify your name and surnames, as well as you can add a contact telephone number. The field email can't be modified since it is the main identifier of your account within the platform and without it you would not have access.


Jumping from the section in the left menu we arrive at Password, where after having entered your current password, you can create a new password.


In this section, you can see the AMP organizations to which you belong, the role you have in each of them, and the date you were invited.

From this page, you can leave an organization (LEAVE).


Activate and deactivate the notifications of the different AMP tools by clicking on the gray box next to each tool.

These notifications will be sent to the email that you have configured in AMP.
You can also review them through the bell icon that you will always find in the top menu of AMP, next to the question mark symbol that leads to the Help Desk.