Feeds is not reading all the products from my catalog

Best practices for creating and importing your catalog

If you're facing difficulties reading all the products in your catalog's Data Import, it's important to review the following points to ensure that Feeds can process your entire catalog accurately:

1. File type: Verify that your catalog's file type is one of the following formats: XML, CSV, or JSONL. These formats are compatible with Feeds' data import feature.

2. Image Formats: Verify that your images are in JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG or WEBP format.

3. File encoding: Ensure that your catalog file is encoded in UTF-8. This encoding guarantees that special characters and information are interpreted correctly during file reading.

4. Header encoding: Confirm that the file's header is also encoded in UTF-8. This is important to maintain consistency in data interpretation and avoid reading issues.

5. Avoid using a CDN: If you're using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host your catalog, it's recommended to avoid it in this case. It's preferable for Feeds to directly access the information without going through a CDN, as it may interfere with the reading process.

6. Add our user-agent to the white-list: Make sure to add the user-agent "feed-composer/1.0" to your server's white-list. This will allow Feeds to access and read the catalog information properly.

If you've reviewed these points and continue to experience problems reading your catalog in Feeds, we recommend reaching out to our Customer Success team through the Help Center.