Highlight new products from your catalog

Create rules from the creation date of a product

When you have an extensive catalog of products, it is interesting to detect those that are newer to show them differently in a campaign. These types of products are usually the focus of the “New in” campaigns that are so recurrent in the retail vertical.

To avoid having to make this product selection manually, you can activate the “New since” functionality on Feeds. By doing this, the creation date of each product will automatically begin to be added.

Later, this field allows us to perform optimizations and segmentations to manage these products automatically without the need for a manual selection.

Practical cases

  • Create a catalog exclusively with new products (defining new as 30 days old). Include them by applying the following segmentation: 

Captura de Pantalla 2023-11-28 a las 15.08.49

  • Label the new products as "New in" to later use them as product groups in campaigns. Make use of the custom_labels to be able to use them in social platforms by applying the following optimization:
Captura de Pantalla 2023-11-28 a las 15.14.52


    ¿Do you still have doubts?

    Check out the following video guide on how to highlight new products from your catalog: