How to create a new organization in AMP?

In the Adsmurai Marketing Platform (AMP), creating a new organization can be beneficial for various reasons, such as the need to manage media plans based on different campaign types, among other considerations. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can easily establish a new organization with the following steps.

Step 1: Contacting our Customer Success Team

To initiate the process of creating a new organization, get in touch with our Customer Success team. You can reach them by clicking on the following link: Customer Success.

Step 2: Completing the Information Form

Once you've accessed the Customer Success link, you'll find a form that requires essential information for setting up the new organization. Complement all the necessary details as requested.

Step 3: Adding User Emails

In the same form, you'll have the opportunity to include the email addresses of the users who should have access to the new organization. Be sure to provide the correct email addresses to avoid any delays in granting access.

Step 4: Specifying Linked Advertising Accounts

As part of the setup, it is essential to specify the advertising accounts that should be associated with the new organization. This helps ensure that the relevant accounts are seamlessly integrated into the newly created organization.