How to upload a custom font to Creatives?

Learn how to upload a new typography to Creatives and use it in your Layouts

One of the most effective ways to apply your brand's look and feel to your Layouts is by incorporating a custom font. If you want to enhance the visual identity of your creatives and achieve greater brand consistency, follow these simple steps to upload your custom font.

  1. First, access Creatives. On the left-hand panel, locate and click on the Text section.

  2. Next, click on My Fonts. Here, you can import up to 10 font families, as simple as dragging and dropping or clicking to upload. Each font family has to be uploaded individually. Keep in mind that the maximum file size allowed is 2MB and the accepted formats include TTF, OTF, or WOFF.
    creatives_my fonts
  3. Once you've uploaded the font, navigate to the Text tab within the same section. Add a text box and from the top menu, select from the available fonts, the one you just uploaded.
    creatives_my fonts_add a header

And you are done! To add or remove fonts, please contact the Customer Success team.