Connect your Meta, Google and TikTok ad accounts

Easily connect your Meta, Google and TikTok ad account to AMP using OAuth

You can link your Meta and Google ad accounts for which you have admin permissions using the OAuth functionality in AMP. This feature streamlines the process of connecting your advertising accounts and allows you to quickly sync your campaigns.

You must have an active subscription to AMP Dashboards to use this functionality.  Reach out to Customer Success if you're unsure whether your subscription is active.

Follow these steps to connect your accounts:

  1. Go to Organization Profile section in AMP. The OAuth functionality can be found in the Ad Accounts panel on the left menu.


  2. Log in to your Meta, Google or TikTok account and follow the steps to grant permissions to Adsmurai and connect all the ad accounts you have admin access to.

  3. Once logged in, click on Connect Accounts button, you'll see a list of all available accounts and can choose which one to link to the organization.

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  4. Click on Connect and the account will begin syncing automatically.
  5. We will notify you via email when the account data is available in AMP.

If you want to connect other platforms, follow these step-by-step guides to link your advertising accounts to AMP.