Optimized Feed troubleshooting

Most common Optimized Feed processing errors and how to solve them

If you have received a notification saying your Optimized Feed hasn't been successfully updated you are in the right article.

Find in this list below the error title and learn how to solve it.

  1. Error on Data Import
    1. Check most common Data Import errors.
  2. Not processed and Not updated
    1. Verify that the images used in the layouts are downloadable, i.e., accessible; return an HTTP 200 status code, have an appropriate extension (png, jpg), and the image format matches the extension and the Content-Type response header.
  3. Not matched product (empty)
    1. Check that the segmentations return at least one product.
  4. Processed with errors
    1. Verify for the products that are failing that the images used in the layouts are accessible.