Set up a catalog in Google Merchant Center

How to create a Google Merchant Center Feed in six steps?

In this article, we will teach you how to create a Google Merchant Center Feed in six steps. 

The first thing we would do is go to Google Merchant Center Account. Our menu is on the left side:

Click on Products > Feeds:

Go to the blue icon and then we are gonna start with the set up: 

After we clicked on continue and select how we are gonna connect our catalog with Google Merchant Center (Schedule Fetch):


Then, we are gonna choose a name for the catalog, frequency of updating (must consider the time that you put in Feeds and add 30 minutes more here) and paste the Feed URL:

*We suggest you to connect Feeds with your Google Merchant Center Account, in that way, every time you update Feeds you will be able to see the changes as well in Merchant. 


At the end, we will be able to see how many products were processed or not.  


¿Do you still have doubts?

Check out the following video guide on how to connect a catalog to GMC: