Troubleshooting Ad Account synchronization errors in your organization

Discover how to resolve synchronization issues with Meta, Google and TikTok ad accounts

If you've run into an ad account synchronization error while using AMP, this guide will help you troubleshoot the issue from your end to ensure a smooth and functional connection.adaccounterrorIt's likely that the sync problem is due to us losing permission to access your account data. These permissions are granted by you when you log into AMP with your account. So, let's check a few things:

User Access Check

Check that the user currently logged into the platform can still access the connected ad account in the platform's Business Manager. If not, just log out, then login again following these steps  and the ad account will start it's synchronization automatically:

Password Change

Have you recently changed your account password? If so, log out in the ad accounts section of AMP. Then, log back in and reconnect your account.

Permission Revocation

Check if you or someone else has revoked AMP permissions from Meta or Google settings. 

In Facebook's Settings and Privacy section, look for Business Integrations to see if AMP is connected:


Similarly, in your Google account settings, under security, make sure AMP is listed among the connected third-party apps.


To review third-party connections on TikTok, simply follow the steps outlined in this official article:

tiktok article

If you don't see AMP listed as an authorized third-party, log out of those ad accounts on AMP. Then, log back in to your accounts to grant AMP permissions again ont the ad accounts section:

If none of these troubleshooting steps resolve the synchronization issue check this article in order to grant us partner access to the ad accounts and open a ticket with Customer Success