How to connect Google Analytics to AMP?

Learn how to connect your GA4 account to AMP

To connect GA4 to Adsmurai Marketing Platform (AMP), you need to follow these steps:

1. First of all, access your Organization profile, on the left side menu:analytics  11111111

2. Access Google Analytics settings under Analytics Accounts section and click on the Log-In button.
connected accounts - log in

3. Log in to your Google account first and follow the steps to grant permissions to Adsmurai: 

linking GA account
4. Once the Google account is connected, click on Connect accounts button and select among all the Google Analytics accounts you have access to. 
connected accounts
Connect Accounts
5. Finally, once connected, all the accounts will be displayed within Organization Profile, under Analytics Accounts section.

Analytics Accounts-2

After following these steps, you have effectively connected GA4 to Adsmurai Marketing Platform.

If you find that you lack the necessary access level to connect your GA4 to AMP, and the account is not listed or available for connection, please reach out to your account administrator and follow these steps to manually share the account with Adsmurai:

1. Acces your GA4 account.

2. Navigate to the Admin section by clicking the gear in the left bottom left corner.

3. Click on the Account dropdown and proceed to the Account Access Management section.


4. Click the "+" button to add a new user with Analyst access:


5. Once you have invited, please notify our Customer Success team via ticket or by your usual channels. We will handle the rest from there!

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¿Do you still have doubts?

Check out the following video guide on how to connect your GA4 account to AMP: