Highlight your best performing products (Top Performers)

Get the most out of your best performing products

Sales Data Integration (also called Top Performers), is a functionality in Feeds that allows you to connect your catalog to your Google Analytics account and categorize all your products by visits, sales and revenue in order to achieve better results in all your catalog ads.

When should I use it?

There are several situations where SDI fits with your strategy:

  • You want to offer to potential clients your best performing products.
  • You want to improve the Leads campaigns performance: your Top Performers are more likely to grab the user's attention and lead it to a conversion. 
  • You want to bring back previous customers that know your brand or have bought from you in the past: It is more likely to make a conversion if you show them your Top Performing products.
  • You want to create a specific campaigns with an extra budget to push on products with low performance.

How to use it

Once the Google Analytics configuration is properly set up, the following information will appear in all your Data Imports:

*Now you can get more metrics to your catalogs like: Convertion Rate, Cart Abandonment Rate, Add to Cart y Checkout. 

Sales Data Integration allows us to create optimizations based on these best-performing products or create specific catalogs that can be later used for specific marketing campaing strategies. For instance, we can segment catalogs including our best-selling or give it a push to low performance products.

  • Segmentations: we can create exclusive catalogs including only our top-performing products by filtering based on the performance_data field.

  • Optimizations: it is important to note that performance_data is not a standardized field in social platforms, so in order to work with this field we should transform it into an acceptable field like a custom_label. Afterwards on platforms, we can create sets of products based on this label.
    best seller_-1

How can I activate it?

Make sure you have successfully connected your Google Analytics account to AMP

in order to do the following setup.

  1. Access Organization Profile > Analytics Accounts section where all the connected Google Analytics accounts will be displayed and click on the ⚙️ Settings section located on the right side of the connected account.

    Analytics Accounts

  2. By doing so, we will access Properties Configuration, where all the GA properties are displayed and ready to be set up.

    Properties Configuration_Ecommerce

  3. In this section we have the following configuration details to set up the connection between Google Analytics and AMP (both for Feeds and Planning tools)
  • Ads reporting setup: activate this option to display Google Analytics data in Planning section.ads reporting setup
  • Data sales setup:  click on ➕ button to edit the Google Analytics configuration for Feeds: data sales set up
  • Countries: choose the countries for which you want to import the property data.
  • Status: this button enables or disables Top Performers functionality
  • Data range: by default, we retrieve and display data from the last 7 days, but you can modify this option by clicking on the dropdown menu if needed.

4.   Once configured, the following fields will appear in the catalog the very next day: impressions, sales, revenue, visits, CTR (Click-Through Rate), add-to-cart, checkout, checkout abandonment rate, refunds, and performance data. Performance_data classifies the top 20% of all products with best performance into three categories:

  • Most popular: products that receive the most web visits.
  • Top performer: best-selling products on the web.
  • Top revenue: products that were sold the most in terms of revenue.

5.  Finally, in Overview, you will see a panel that allows you to quickly view and control your Top Performer products:

top performers



¿Do you still have doubts?

Check out the following video guide on how to highlight the best performing productos from your catalog: