Connect Feeds to Google Ads

Learn how to link your Optimized Feeds to Google Ads

Once your catalogs are optimized and ready to use in your ad campaigns, there are two different methods to link them to Google Ads:

1. Google Merchant Center (retail industry only)

Retailers aiming to advertise their products through Google Shopping Ads need to upload their feeds via their Google Merchant Center account. Subsequently, this feed will be selected when creating a new campaign in Google Ads.

To connect your catalog through Google Merchant Center, visit this article

2. Google Ads' Business Data

Non-retail businesses such as education, flights, jobs or real estate industries, will have to directly upload the catalogs to Google Ads using the Business Data section. Once uploaded, the catalog will have to be linked through the campaigns' settings.

This uploading method allows to run dynamic remarketing campaigns effectively, tailoring ads based on products or services users have seen on the website. 

To connect your catalog through Business Data, visit this article